Letters for Traiskirchen

Our motivations

Two weeks ago, the Identitarian Movement distributed leaflets to refugees in Traiskirchen. These leaflets were written in English and addressed the people directly. They talked to the refugees about mass immigration and homeland. It would seem as if the Identitarians were trying to appeal to the refugees' spirit of humanity: Please understand us, you are taking away our identity and our reaction is therefore completely natural.

It starts with:

We don't know how and why you came to our country ... our goal is a world in which everybody can have a future and prosperity in his own country

and gets worse with every sentence.

If you are a real refugee, the Austrian people will help you. You should get a proper shelter. You could also get an education here that will help you to REBUILD YOUR COUNTRY after the crisis is over and when YOU ARE GOING HOME

But if the refugees had not escaped severe threats and got to Austria through illegal means, then "NO WAY – YOU WILL NOT MAKE EUROPA [sic] HOME". (Just like the Australian model.)

At this point, we need to bring to mind that it is not possible for refugees to come to Europe legally. They need to apply for asylum in Europe. To get to Europe, they need a visa. People who live in war zones have no opportunity to get a visa. This is due to a number of causes which are explained in detail on this website.

The Identitarians may be distributing these leaflets, but they are only a small bunch. They are few, and we are many. More and more people are donating clothing, money, blankets, more and more people are actively collecting contributions (on 30 June from 5 PM to 6 PM and on 1 July from 2 PM to 3 PM by the side of the university, for example) and distributing them to people in need, more and more people are hosting refugees in private accomodation. More and more people show that they want to help. And the reactions to the Identitarians' effort were accordingly. A counteraction had to be taken, and that's what is happening now: Lukas (Vilinthril), Liz (denocte), Lucas (Roang_zero1) and Hanna (HHumorlos) have joined up to realize it.

We are fortunate to live in a country which has granted us a safe and secure life. We are thankful for our personal circumstances—but our place of birth is not our own merit. It does not make us special. It rather obliges us to help those who have not been so fortunate in the lottery of birth.

It is unacceptable that people come to Austria after months of arduous and dangerous flight only to be received by the Identitarian Movement. Refugees should read messages from people who rejoice at their safe arrival.

Refugees should read messages which tell them that we are glad they survived and that we want to help them overcome the traumatic experiences which they had to endure. They have to be told that there are people in Austria who do not give a flying fuck about envy or resentment and bank on (yes) altruism and charity—the Identitarians are few and we are many!

Starting today, we look forward to your messages. Write to the people in Traiskirchen (in English) what you want to tell them. Write to them about how we look forward to learning from them. We are not the Austrian politicians, we are not the FPÖ, we are least of all the Identitarian Movement. We are those who cannot look on silently any longer how refugees and people in need are treated on our behalf. The PO box will be open from Wednesday, 1 July.

The plan

Send your letters and postcards (no parcels, please) to

Hanna Herbst
Postfach 32
1043 Wien

Additionally, the organization #aufstehn (“rise up”) provides the opportunity of sending short messages via their webiste, which they will then print on postcards.
#Aufstehen Website Logo

Or send your messages via e-mail to: hanna.herbst@vice.com. (Of course, personal and handwritten messages are a bit nicer.)

We will screen the letters and e-mails together with other people willing to help and bring them to the refugees in Traiskirchen. If you have any questions, please also send them to hanna.herbst@vice.com. Hate mail against “mass immigration” and “do-gooders” will just be ignored.

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